Dark Night of the Imperium

The Wages of Sin...

... Are Pretty Good, Actually

Author: Manius Mercutio
Recipient: Priam Lothario
Subject: An Important Task


I have a request for you. By now you will have my instructions to investigate the three nobles linked to this mysterious Praetus. The task I am giving you requires a certain mind set, which I do not believe your fellow acolytes possess, and will almost certainly be easier to achieve alone, rather than in a group.

As you will be aware, Orla Flair was at one time a middle hive prostitute. How she escaped that life and made it to the upper hive is unknown. I want you to find out, by whatever means necessary.

I have arranged a cover story. You are to assume the identity of an auditor for one of the middle hive manufactorae. The work itself is not taxing, you will simply be required to act as a witness as the manufactorum performs an audit of its stock and equipment. However, you will need to fill the role convincingly if your cover is not to be blown.

Fortunately, I think you will find the actual investigation more than makes up for this drudgery. You will find attached to this communication a list of prostitutes known to have worked with Orla Flair, and the brothels that they were last known to be working at. Your task is to find as many of these women as you can, and get what information you can out of them. I am hoping that at least one of them will have some information as to how Orla managed to insinuate herself into the upper hive.

Emperor Protect You,

Manius Mercutio

Priam read the missive from his master with sinking heart. Pretend to be some piddling middle class bean counter? How humiliating…

Still, his heart rose as he read further. Open license to visit as many brothels as he could? Yeah, it could be worth putting up with the mindless bean counting for that…



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